One of the world’s great wonders

Aurangabad, India.

We have now left lovely Mumbai and are in a city that has only made it on our itinerary because of its proximity to two of the most amazing sights anywhere, one of which we visited yesterday. Continue reading

Young love in a hot climate

Mumbai, India. Despite all that one hears about restrictions on dating and marrying ‘for love,’ it seems that boys and girls are doing a superb job of connecting and spending time together in this country. Girls are on the back of most young men’s motors-scooters, and what we use to call PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection) are everywhere. Continue reading

We hit the big city

Mumbai, India.

Yesterday was quite the travel day. We got up at 3AM in Panaji to leave at 4AM for the Goa airport, an hour away. The chaos there made us glad we had two hours to get to the right gate for our 7AM flight. Continue reading

Postus Interruptus

Panaji, India.  With regret, Go Know will be suspended until 2/21, when we will be arriving in Mumbai. The internet is so slow here that there isn’t quite enough Valium in our luggage for me to cope with not being able to load pictures. See you again in a few days!!! Continue reading