Time for a change

We waved goodbye to Porto and to Portugal today, all the while admiring its ultra-modern airport, as we headed for London, and the possibility of some very welcome cheddar cheese.

Our Uber driver to this luxurious departure palace was a trip in himself. He had lived in America for nine years, became a Navy Seal, got his citizenship, worked for Blackwater, and ditched it all to return to Portugal. It just proves, you just never know who is driving the car you are in.

The trip to London City Airport was quick and painless, amazingly enough accompanied by the couple who we shared Anabelle with yesterday. Shame she couldn’t join us – she would love London, because she loves everything.

We are staying at the Intercontinental next to the O2 this time, as it is very convenient for our London plans. We’ve been to the nearby North Greenwich tube stop more than once, but never have we stepped foot inside the O2 itself, shown from above (not my pic) and from our travels inside. The O2 is a huge entertainment world unto itself, built largely within the former Millennium Dome. It seems to be quite the success, as it was almost impossible to get a table at any restaurant, but we finally managed to grab some fish and chips – just to get into the spirit of England – and some chicken.

We aren’t in Portugal anymore.

P.S. Reporting may be very light for a while, as we are entering the social segment of our travels. Time to see friends and recap our adventures.


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  1. I enjoyed your travels through Portugal. The Roman ruins were amazing. It’s too bad they don’t take more pride in how they treat their prehistory remains. I was surprised by that. Nevertheless, you made the country attractive and interesting and I would love to visit as long as I don’t have to eat that green soup.

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