Where are we now?

In the unlikely event that you guessed we were in a Chinese restaurant in Munich, you would have won the gold Buddha.

Look what we had for a late lunch! (The spring rolls disappeared too quickly for a photo appearance.) A great change of pace.

We arrived here midday, and Don took off from our hotel for the nearest laundromat, bless him. I got us settled in our room and started repacking the suitcase with an eye toward our departure on Wednesday. Our last hotel!

While it is nowhere near as luxurious or glamorous as our hotel in Regensburg, it is very moderne and we hope it will be convenient to all we want to see.

The big news is that our friends June and Alan are joining us here tomorrow. Together we will brave the cold and confront the museums and other sites this rebuilt and historic city has to offer. We were thrilled to discover an indoor mall that takes us to the tram line, saving almost 10 minutes of outdoor weather.

These are the things that matter when you’re a tourist in the winter.

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