We’re on the march

Saturday was stirring and heartening here in New York. The Women’s March was a celebration of unity around the things many of us believe in – and the things we completely reject as simply inappropriate in our country. (Or in any country of the 21st century, for that matter.) 

While the reasons for coming together were many, the forces were united in a spirit of hope through power – with upcoming elections a great place to demonstrate that power. It was a good day.

As for us, we are also about to go on the march. The last six months have been limited to small trips, due to my need to break in a new knee.  Mexico in December was our longest venture, but there is more on the horizon.

We leave next week for an all-too-short visit to London and our dear friends there. Lots of excitement planned for this part of the trip. And then it’s off to Germany, where we will spend February. We have avoided it for years, and it’s time to see what this European power is like today. Besides, they have an awful lot of ancient Greek artifacts, and we are primed to see them after my classical archaeology and history studies this fall.

We are so ready to go – and to know – these new places. March on!

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