The perfect ending

Our trip to Dorset was perfect, and of course it had a perfect ending.

The Trent Garden Club had an open house – or open garden – at one of its member’s homes last evening, and we were lucky enough to attend with Peter and Sarah.

For any Anglophiles, this would have been an evening made in heaven. The house in question had been an old mill, and the stream is still burbling nearby. The garden was lovely, the roses oh so fragrant, and the wine was flowing.

However, it was the company that made it special. It was the perfect group of garden growers and garden lovers, all with fascinating back stories (at least the ones we met) and all happy to talk to these strange new folks who ‘weren’t from around these parts,’ so to say. We had so much fun and were so honored to have been made welcome.

Now we have made it to the city of Durham, where we will have new adventures tomorrow.

But we will always remember the flowers of Dorset.

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