Como wins, hands down

In the results of a recent scientific survey of two American tourists travelling in Italy, it was revealed that Lake Como and any one of the villages on its shores pack more charm and value than all the towns of the Cinque Terre put together. While the survey has a margin of error of +/- 3%, the overwhelming rating received by those surveyed ranks Lake Como as a destination well above its competition.

Yes, we are quite enamored with this area. While some towns (Bellagio, we’re talking about you) seem to attract a glitzier type of tourist, all of the ones served by the ferry we took Saturday from Varenna have lovely settings, uncrowded streets, and the serenity of being on this beautiful lake.

The now-normal afternoon thunderstorm held off until we returned to our own harbor, so we weren’t quite as soaked as we might have been on the later boat. But no matter – the day was mostly gorgeous and the crowds were very bearable, so we count this as an excellent tourist day. (Food was the only let-down until our own villa’s wifi went out during the storm – and is still out – but we’ll live.)


3 thoughts on “Como wins, hands down

  1. Welcome to the Varenna fan club….. and thanks for the photos (especially the one of the Olivedo) A great reminder of happy times in this beautiful spot. Even the thunderstorms are special, though the dining obviously isn’t.

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