Hello, Mont Blanc

Once the rain and fog of Sunday cleared, we realized what a gorgeous view we have of Mont Blanc. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Les Arcs, and used yesterday to really relax and go for that book/nap combination that is so enjoyable on a great bed with a cozy blanket. I could lie and say we hiked the mountains, but we did periodically observe them from our terrace, so hope that counts for something.

Today we strolled through the village in a more leisurely way than rainy Sunday, and had fun watching the kids at play – until someone started arming them with bows and arrows. Have to draw the line there.

This is clearly a popular place for summer family vacations, surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Yes, we were lazy bums, but my, it has been wonderful.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we get even closer to Mont Blanc…

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