Losing weight in Lyon

Yup, 75 pounds of excess weight left us today. We found the local FedEx office – after several discussions with their office in the US, one false lead which took us to the wrong place, and a final moment of success in an industrial park outside of Lyon.

FedEx is not so prominent here as we would expect, but the lovely lady who helped us fill out forms and pack up things which can return home made it all seem like we might actually see these things again. You may recall that we have been transporting three computers, only one of which works. And then, we have to admit there were a few other things we have learned we can live without.

That took all morning, but we did manage to walk around the center of Lyon later, dodging raindrops. We will return tomorrow for a more relaxed view of the city and its undoubted charms.

For now, we are ensconced in our hotel, which we thought was just ugly until we learned it was designed by Renzo Piano, so now we know it is genius which just seems ugly. Hooray for modernism!

4 thoughts on “Losing weight in Lyon

    1. Uh, let me just say that we are not bucking any trends in that category! Wouldn’t want to insult the French by avoiding their cuisine, would we?

    1. Actually, the industrial park kind of looked like the part of Lyon we are currently occupying – la Cité internationale, designed completely by Renzo Piano. Will take pics outside tomorrow. But we were so flummoxed trying to find the place that I neglected to take photos. Sorry to say that it was over-designed and very clean – which complicated finding it. They do keep (most things) very tidy here…

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