Pilgrims on the Lavender Trail

The motivation may be different, but the passion with which we tourists pursue the visions of lavender in bloom in Provence certainly rivals the energy of those on the Route of Santiago de Compostela.

We saw some lovely sights on our way. First, the sunflowers of Lourmarin, then the town of Gordes, hanging gracefully off a mountain.

Then we stopped at the nearby Abbey Notre Dame de Sénanque. This 12th century monastery is still active, and is gorgeously framed by lavender.

We went off the beaten track to get to the Château du Bois, a 800,000 square meter farm growing lavande fine, the best kind. The road there was breath-taking and their fields went on forever…

And then it was on to the town of Sault, where the lavender fields are a darker color and the local confectioner offers delicacies such as lavender marshmallows. Charming, with a tasty lunch featuring several variations of tapenade, using the local olives.

While everything we saw was spectacular, the winding hills and twisting narrow roads took their toll. This is where we will be all day tomorrow, building up our strength for yet another day of touring. Don’t judge us too harshly.

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