We take a slight detour

While we are of course loving France, we couldn’t resist changing countries for a few days.

Tuesday we hopped on the ferry to Jersey, as we have always wanted to visit one of the Channel Islands. And we were lucky enough to have a glorious day for it.

The trip was a smooth hour and a half, and of course included 30 or 40 French school children on yet another field trip. We walked to our hotel to drop our bag and were magnetically drawn to a café with all kinds of yummy things on the menu that we haven’t seen for months. I had no idea I missed cheddar cheese so much till I had a savory sandwich with spring onion along with it. Lord, we devoured our meals and heard English all around us. Can’t describe how good that felt, must admit.

The main city of the island is Saint-Hélier, and in terms of language, one hears a great mix of English, French and Jèrriais, the ancient Norman tongue that some still speak. But Brittania rules, and don’t you forget it. We did one tour of half the island already, and a history lesson on the ping-pong match of ownership between England and France over poor Jersey is enough to make your head spin.

Oh, and speaking of food treats, we had, absolutely had to have, afternoon tea. That was so nice. Isn’t it amazing that we can be so shallow and food-obsessed? Promise to share a more serious side to Jersey tomorrow.

The town and countryside are lovely and a great holiday destination.

For us, it’s one of those vacations from our vacation that we love to take, and this one is really refreshing. Trust me though, there will be some Double Gloucester and Cheddar going back on the boat with us this evening. Just don’t tell the French.

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  1. I am so pleased you took a shot of Marks and Spencer. Now you’re really getting to the heart of British culture.

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