Prince Albert is safe for another day

We started our tour of Monaco with the very stirring changing of the two guards posted at the palace of the prince. All seemed to be in good order, so the principality may be secure for now.

What can you say about Monaco? I just kept having a vision of a young child here reaching the age of reason and saying to its parents, “Thank you, Maman and Papa, for making me a Monegasque, instead of a citizen of one of those poor countries, like America.”

We had a great lunch of asparagus risotto and lovely salmon, in one of the tiny places where the working locals dine. Yes, there is a distinct sense of elitism here, from the Casino which charges 10 euros to enter, and the Hotel de Paris, which only guests may enter. They know how to protect the wealthy here, which must make it wonderful for them.

We did get to enter the Cathedral. Unlike the Palace, it permits photographs, and the most traffic gathers at Princess Grace’s tomb. Those fairy-tale marriages all seem to end poorly, so let that be a lesson to you.

All in all, quite a lovely day, though leaving on the bus was bit of a let-down…

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