Even more Iowa dreams

Yes, the ultimate connection to hopes and dreams, realized in an Iowa cornfield – by way of Hollywood.

We did indeed visit the site of “The Field of Dreams” set today in Dyersville IA, and it is a wonderful place. The manager told us that grown men stand in the middle of the field and cry, but we were able to restrain ourselves. Perhaps that was because we haven’t seen the film in 20 years. I do recall it being a real weeper, so will try to see it again soon.

In the meanwhile, you real fans will want to come in the summer, when they have “Ghost” ballgames, and the players in vintage uniforms emerge from the cornfield at dusk.

Yep, that would do it.

Also in Dyersville is the National Farm Toy Museum.  We thought from the logo that we would see a collection of vintage toys that farm children played with – and how cute would that be. Well, most of what we saw would only qualify as toys if you accepted the image of grizzled farmers mooning over what was mostly miniatures of farm equipment – carefully classified by brand! This is important stuff – and there were a few things that children might have been allowed to touch. But this will give you an idea what what entertains farmers on those long winter nights.

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