American history – written and rewritten

We came from Branson, Missouri, this morning, which was really an experience, just as we expected. Imagine Las Vegas scrubbed squeaky clean, and without even a beer in sight. Believe it or not, it wasn’t half as kitsch as Pigeon Forge TN, but the some of the headliners here probably all cried at Ed Sullivan’sContinue reading “American history – written and rewritten”

The end of the Trail of Tears

The trail began in New Echota, Georgia, when the Cherokee Nation was forced to abandon its community once gold was discovered in nearby Dalonegah.  New Echota contained the Cherokee legislature, churches, schools – even a Masonic Temple. When we saw it last fall, we were stunned at how hard they had worked to assimilate intoContinue reading “The end of the Trail of Tears”