Time to stop and smell the cheeses….

We had to get out of Madison proper today, as it was a UW game day. Evidently, unless you are a Badgers fan trying to get to the stadium, you do not want to be around to watch the frenzy. Not a problem, as they say so annoyingly these days. We left town early and headed out toContinue reading “Time to stop and smell the cheeses….”

And then there’s weird Wisconsin…

These nice normal Midwesterners have their kicky side, too. You  do remember Larry the Logroller from Wabeno, Wisconsin, right?  Well, we started the day visiting his smaller brother, Muffler Man, who I think should be called Dan the Muffler Man of Oshkosh WI. At any rate, he got the short end of the stick onContinue reading “And then there’s weird Wisconsin…”