O come, all ye tourists

Yes, it’s one of those towns.  Jackson, Wyoming, sits in the center of Jackson Hole, a valley rimmed by the Grand Tetons. Now, this is not yet the full summer season.  And it’s not ski season.  But you still have to work very very hard to find a parking place in this town.  People flock here for the high quality tee-shirts, decorative items and ice cream, as well as the terrific views. Granted, we were among them, but still the crowds seemed remarkable, considering the lack of a real focus for their wanderings.

Here’s a peek at the town, and its setting.

Of note are the antler arches at each corner of the park, and the stage coach.

One outstanding moment that only two people who visit this blog will fully appreciate involved Don crossing the street.

We also saw the famous Cowboy Bar, with its great (but not comfortable) bar stools.

Then it was off to the Wort Hotel, a famous Jackson landmark, and site of several movies, such as Shane and The Big Sky, to name two.

But now for the best part. We are staying in a place called Spring Creek Ranch, a gorgeous series of rustic lodgings up on a hill, with a fabulous view of the Tetons from every room.  And a fireplace. And a lake.  And a porch.  Here is yesterday’s vista:

And here is the view this evening – fewer clouds – with an unbelievable bonus feature! I caught the female moose that we had heard visits our lake on camera.  So exciting to finally see a moose – and right under our porch.

And for an added treat, here is my first nature video!  A bit long, but I think National Geographic may be calling soon.

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